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Public Speaking


Many of our esteemed clients have benefited greatly from Dr. William's professional presentations. He is committed to providing quality information and helpful tips on a wide range of topics, with programs individually tailored to meet your business and budget requirements.

Click on title below to view or download a detailed outline of each topic/presentation.

  1. Team Building and Leadership Skills: Bringing out the best in your people and yourself!
  2. Problem Solving: Handling what is thrown your way with ease!
  3. Delegation with Accountability: Let it go and what comes back will be even better!
  4. Decision Making: Taking "guessing" out of making the best choice!
  5. Cultural Diversity: Why can’t we all just get along?
  6. Project Planning/Change Management: Managing all that stuff with a smile!
  7. Stress Management: Taking on life with enthusiasm and a smile!
  8. Time Management: Making every second matter!
  9. Interviewing Skills: Checking them out while they check you out - What you lookin’ at!
  10. Communication Skills: Tell them what your going to tell them, then shut up and listen!
  11. Human Resources/Benefits/Legal Issues: Taking care of the business of taking care of people!
  12. Financial Management: Understanding where all that money keeps disappearing to!
  13. Critical Thinking: Making sure all the bulbs are lit on that chandelier!
  14. Quality Management: Bringing out the best of the best you do every day!
  15. Appraisal and Motivating Employees: Let them know they are the best and better is yet to come!
  16. Safety and Workplace Hostility: Making life at work safer and harmonious!
  17. Harassment: Why we do what we do and the consequences.
  18. Discrimination: Learning why we like what we like and how to better handle what we don’t!
  19. Program Enhancement: Making your program the program of choice!
  20. Facility Management: Making your place the best thing invented since sliced bread!
  21. Policies and Procedures: Why we do what we do and knowing when we have to do it!
  22. Marketing Your Supports and Services: Why use your supports and services – because you tell me, "I matter".
  23. Work/Home Balance: Being a happy camper at home, work and every place I go!
  24. Emergency Preparedness: "Planning for the Bad Times during the Good Times"
  25. Ethical Decision Making: "Why we do what we do – who benefits anyway?"
  26. Ethical Persuasion: "Assisting people in examining options and choices".
  27. Succession Planning: "Planning for a future that may not include you."
  28. Systems Thinking: "Touch one thing and you touch it all".

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