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Dr. Williams provides executive coaching that is a one-to-one relationship between himself and a person in a leadership position in an organization or desiring of such a position. The focus of the executive coaching is on leadership skills, organizational performance, organizational development, and personal development. The frequency and scope is tailored to the individuals needs and desires. Dr. Williams has worked with individuals from conception of goals through fruition and operational deployment. Dr. Williams’ commitment is to be available for as long, or short, of a period of time the individual needs.

Management and Leadership by the 3Ps

Dr. Williams has also written the book, Management and Leadership by the 3Ps, a life and business management tool. It provides a refreshing and insightful instrument through which managers can realize their potential by implementing dynamic strategies everyday.

Tough times in business demand great leaders with the foresight and willingness to build new sustainable structures designed to weather future events. Managing the culture of an organization’s people, places, and possessions by mastering and then utilizing Prompt, Pristine, and Particular Methods (3Ps) will mark the distinction between simple management skills and great leadership.

Dr. Williams expresses his belief that, “Life is a learning journey in which successful completion of each step demands full commitment to ourselves and others.” This philosophy is especially true in business. To view management and leadership in the same context is a mistake. Furthermore, most management resources fail to take into account the complex nature organizations and the people who constitute their foundation. The result is a failure in leadership. In today’s economic climate this can spell disaster.

Management and Leadership by the 3Ps outlines a proactive system that develops effective management and leadership skills by building an organizational culture around the 3Ps of an organization or business. The 3Ps, utilizing prompt, pristine, and particular methods with the people, places, and possessions of any organization, are the key factors that determine success or failure. Managers must realize that in order to lead effectively, they must recognize the necessity to build the organizational culture around these 3Ps.

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