5 Ways to Make 2015 (and beyond) Like Never Before 

We all go into a New Year with high expectations and resolutions that often wither away to nothing before the month of January ends.  In an effort to make 2015, and beyond, like no other year, we must be on a mission, see the opportunity, live life like you are in ministry, remember you have capacity, and recognize that sponsors are required and that we can’t do it alone. 

REFRAME YOUR VISION – Be on a mission and stop asking permission of yourself and others per each mission you need to take.  When you are truly on a mission you are following a mandate which is clear and does not require authorizations and check-ins.  A true mission is often aligned with your passion which generally provides you with a wisdom that is instinctual and natural to you.

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET – See the opportunity in what you do rather than just the obligation.  Things are placed in your life to help you go to the next level.  See all situations – whether perceived to be positive or negative – as an occasion for betterment of yourself and others.

MODIFY YOUR ATTITUDE – Live your life like it is your ministry and thwart every tendency to be jealous of what you had and what others may have.  Use the limited time we have to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.  Leave a positive mark on the people, places, and things that touch your life.

REVISE YOUR DEMEANOR – Believe that you have the capacity even when your courage begins to lessen.  Be encouraged to maintain the courage to believe that you have all that you need to get to where you belong and are destined to be.

TRANSFORM YOUR VIEW OF EMPOWERMENT – Make sure things are happening because of you and not in spite of you.  Make sure you are the true agent of change.  Know the difference between luck and a well thought out, planned, and implemented strategy. Understand that sponsorship is required for all movements in life whether they are upward or downward.   Monitor all associations to make sure they up upbuilding.  We all need to stand on the shoulders of others.  Life has two moments of solitude – birth and death.  All other moments are best experienced with others who can afford to aid us in our quest to be our best.  We are on our own – but we are not alone.

Let’s endeavor to make 2015, and beyond, like no other by remembering that we are on our own – but not alone.

Wishing you the very best,

Dr. Nathaniel J. Williams