The larger issue is how we see the life we have and lead – not just the actions we take.  The actions we take are a byproduct of the life we are leading.

Does a person have a world view that solely focuses on obligations and tasks? Or a world view that focuses on opportunity and excellence?  Often because of challenging life event(s) we tend to look at life as being about obligations and tasks. I contend that our lives would be richer if we recognize the opportunities that it presents in all eight domains – education, recreation, spirituality, environment, family/friends, finances, personal development, and health.  Once we recognize the opportunities, then we should consider the obligations and tasks that are necessary to realize those opportunities.  Because we are now focused on the positive opportunities that life presents we are more likely to be doing so with excellence.  Our appreciation for life’s opportunities must be foremost and paramount.

We are often living a life that we are not enthused about and the obligations and tasks take precedence in our thinking and acting.  We often do not see the tremendous opportunity we have to help ourselves, another human being, their families, and the community in general.  The hard life we experience often causes us to concentrate on the perceived burden of the here and now obligations and tasks and not what the opportunity of the moment and what the future presents.  We often fail to realize the power we possess to be an agent of change.  A focus on obligations and tasks predisposes us to concentrate on problems.  A focus on opportunities gets us to concentrate on solutions.

When we view the many societal and personal challenges we deal with each day – abuse, neglect, abandonment, drug abuse, domestic violence, crime, etc. – the negative handling of the obligations and tasks that surround life are then explained.  We see how people cause harm to themselves and the others they profess to love and cherish because they are burdened by the perceived negative obligations and tasks rather than being positively energized by the opportunities life truly presents.

As we seek to improve ourselves and encourage others to do the same, we need to recognize we are on a journey and not attempt to get to a personal best destination and cease growth.  In addition, we must be willing to fix our foundations and principles not just the layers.  Strong and sustained efforts to attain permanent and long lasting change should be our goal.

The perspective of concentrating solely on obligations and tasks is one that permeates many more people than we would care to acknowledge.  We all need a wakeup call that no matter what life presents – birth, death, poverty, wealth, health, or sickness ….. it is always an opportunity for excellence/betterment.  This is definitely a call to arms for self and others.  Life often feels like we are called to be gladiators with tasks and obligations.  We are truly called upon to be peacemakers concentrating on opportunities and excellence.

Dr. Nathaniel J. Williams – Saturday, October 25, 2014 –